Osho Winter Festival Highlights and Photos

Osho Winter Festival Team

Mala (far left in the photo), one of the organisers of the recent Osho festival shares some of her personal highlights:

What a brilliant celebration that was this year! This was the feedback of many of our friends who joined us for the 2016 Osho Winter Festival at Osho Leela in Dorset, 8-11 December, including myself, I had a totally fun and brilliant time from start to finish.

This year I ran an art workshop with the lovely and very talented Ushapa called Paint & Play in which we did just that, everyone exploring and making their own unique mark on paper defying their inner critics and having a great time.  One of the many highlights for me was singing round the bonfire with Maneesh and friends and Finding Your Voice with Satyam on the Sunday morning which proved a great success with everyone who came along. I also loved the Show on Saturday night in which I performed alongside beloved friends Sarasi, Manohar, Sidika and Heeren, our tribute to a dear late friend Nirjana.

From satsangs, to Evening Meetings, to meditations and socialising in the evenings, I couldn’t have wished for a better time, truly! To be with so many friends, new and old alike immersed together in the Buddhafield, singing, dancing, meditating and celebrating was just pure bliss and I can’t wait til next year’s event! I would like to say a BIG thank you to Tarisha and the band Sattva who accompanied all the Satsangs, live meditations and Heart Dance, with their exquisite music and to my fellow organisers Prabuddho, Smaran, Sidika and Tarisha and to the community of Osho Leela supporting the smooth running of our Festival.

Here’s a few photos from the festival – courtesy of Robin.

More photos (and larger) here

And here’s a few snippets of feedback:

Great event, my first time here, exceeded my hopes by a long way.


I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. It was like being in the company of old friends, even thought they were all people I didn’t know before I came. 


This is a super weekend for anyone wanting connection, their own space, have batteries recharged, be nourished, have fun and peace.


The relaxation at Osho Leela is at such a deep level – Osho level – that day by day, you find it increasingly spreading out…peppered by hugs and leveraged by a lifting heart.


A really good way of enjoying Osho and meeting new people in a safe, fun lively setting of Osho Leela.
Rob, Newcastle


Fantastic people, not attending by chance…Each brings something to the event and is attracted by the culture, quality and cleverness of Osho Leela residents and organisers. The whole undoubtedly pervaded by Osho’s influence.


I loved my weekend. As a first-timer it was scary to start with but felt welcomed, held and accepted.


A fantastic festival, so beautiful. I had a wonderful time. Met so many fabulous people. Thank you for running it.

See you at next year’s festival! Much love


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  1. I don’t know directly but would this be the same Meru from the late 70’s? If so one point of enquiry might by Mitra (Steve Ardron) who used to run a “where are they now” page for the people at Medina. The 1970’s Meru wasn’t at Medina but Mitra would still be a good person to try.

  2. Hi, I am looking for Mickael Kennedy Scott “Meru” from “Fabulous records” back in the 90’s. Can anyone help me to locate those people who were working there please !? Dita (Meru’s and Guyan’s daughter), William (San Francisco), Joty (London UK), Jez (London UK), Daya etc…Marianne

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