Osho Winter Festival 2018 – Beyond Silence is Laughter

Osho -Beyond silence is laughter

Our annual winter Osho celebration. Rest in the spaciousness of your being and rise into the light of love… and perhaps experience the cosmic joke!  An event to warm your heart, heal from the inside and expand your vision – this is a great weekend for newcomers as well as our many friends. It is a fun and nourishing event, packed with innovative and playful workshops including Fun & Silly Spirituality, Bodywork, Trance Dance, Comedy, Art, and much more, plus live performances in the evenings.

There will be daily meditations including Osho Dynamic and Kundalini meditations, and additional treats such as Mahamudra, Kids’ Mystic Rose for Adults and Nataraj. Morning Satsang meditations and Evening Meetings (with Osho discourse) will be supported with live music by Sattva, our musicians of the heart.

Satvaa Band

Delicious vegetarian food and beautiful countryside setting – perfect for winter rambles.

Bookable as a three day or two day residential event. Make sure you book early if you’d like private accommodation. Day tickets also available.

Here’s a rather tongue-in-cheek promo video:

Workshop, Event & Meditation Descriptions

Workshops with Madhuri


Silly Spirituality

We will discuss spirituality with extraterrestrials, dance it for the ones who don’t speak English or whatever, and in general explore how spiritual we are or are not.  E.T. costumes optional.

Is Your Life Funny?

In partner exercises, we will examine whether or not our lives are funny, and how. We will also critique each other’s jokes, and do some peculiar dancey things.  Please bring a joke if you have one, but if you don’t, there will be some available.

Trance Dance with Archan

ArchanTrance Dance is a Shamanic Journey through breath and movement and a natural way to experience ecstasy. Shamanic Trance Dance has been practised by indigenous people for thousands of years for ceremonial and practical purposes. It is also fun! You can expect to feel connected to your roots and the earth as it is a grounding experience, but also can give you wings to fly. Looking forward to dancing with you.

Events with Nishok




Kids’ Mystic Rose for Adults

“I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one ~ Osho, YAA-HOO! The Mystic Rose.” (Osho) This is an opportunity to taste (or taste again!) Osho’s amazing Mystic Rose Meditation. Here we offer a variation that was suggested by Osho for children and their teachers at Osho Ko Hsuan School to do together at the beginning of each school day. It has three stages – gibberish, laughter and silence – and retains the full flavour of the original.

Heart Songs

Songs to celebrate ourselves on our paths of love. Coming together to sing, dance or just listen, these simple songs lead us into the silence of the heart.

Space to Create with Mala

Come and immerse yourself and let the creative juices flow;  we have painting, drawing and a surprise craft form all on offer!  All materials provided.


Comedy Improv with Prabuddho

PrabuddhoWe will warm up with fun, interactive games and then try some simple, playful Improv comedy exercises – moving into a space where we are enjoying the moment. Our creative juices will start to flow, and laughter may happen spontaneously and frequently. Results include: an improved ability to respond to new situations, more confidence in self-presentation, and more playfulness in life. No previous experience is necessary – less is better! There will be an opportunity to showcase some of these fun structures in the Saturday night show (optional but a lot of fun!)

Workshops with Yatro


The Last Laugh

“The meditator has always died with laughter.” (Osho)

In the West we take death really seriously – a terrible thing that no one can escape. Osho has said that most of us die according to our conditioning. While looking at what we feel about death, using sharing, meditation, humour and the unexpected, this session gives us the possibility of standing our conditioning on its head and looking at it more lightly.

Heart Dance

Heart Dances are lighthearted and easy-to-learn circle dances, with constantly changing partners, to start the festival with the eyes filled with the language of the heart, connecting with fellow meditators with the warmth of appreciation and hands spread in a gesture of joy and friendliness.

Shiatsu with Rajan

RajanThis will be an opportunity to give and receive simple and deeply relaxing shiatsu techniques, mainly focusing on your partner’s back and shoulders. Learning to use your body weight while palming your partner’s back, some rocking techniques to relax the whole body, and some simple stretches.

Saturday Night Show

Creativity, talent and a lot of laughs…Book your slot with Prabuddho.

The Show
A hilarious act from a previous year’s show.


Daily Dynamic and Kundalini meditation.

… we have Satsang, Evening Meeting and Nataraj meditations with live music from our wonderful band, Sattva (Tarisha, Manu, Suvarna, Prabodh)
Osho’s Satsang meditation is a sitting meditation with music, silence, humming, and Osho’s words.

Osho’s Nataraj meditation is 40 minutes wild and total dance, 20 minutes silent lying down, 5 minutes dancing from the silence.

Osho’s Mahamudra meditation is a powerful method to connect yourself with the cosmos and feel the immense strength rising out of this meeting. 30 minutes gentle spontaneous movement, 15 mins kneeling and bowing down, 15 mins lying down.

Osho’s Kids’ Mystic Rose for Adults meditation – gibberish, laughter then silence.

Osho’s Evening Meeting meditation, also called “White Robe” meditation, is 20 – 25 minutes of high energy music to dance to, rising to a peak; 15 minutes of music and silence, really a short form of the satsang meditation above; and 30 – 45 minutes listening to Osho talking.


View/Download the full Programme here.

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Feedback from previous festivals

“Wild – wonderful – magic” …”Heart opening – love overflowing – Laughter” …

“tender – creation – ocean” …”Osho – Osho – Osho” …

“Nourished – surrendered – Embracing the mystery.”

“A fun, spontaneous, active introduction to the spirit of Osho. Made it come alive.”

“I love the community, they make people feel welcome….”     

“A real Osho Celebration!”

“….just so nurturing….”   “Powerful staff and programme guaranteed to open your heart and send your woes packing.”

“The most joyful weekend in 2014!!!”

“Happiness galore”

“A wonderful Osho festival with silence, celebration, meeting of friends, fantastic food.”

“The place to come to drop inside, enter the endless, and get a lot of cozy hugs along the way.”

“I had a wonderful, transformational time. Everyone is so warm and welcoming.”

“Brilliant, rejuvenating, heartful. True fun.”

“Beautiful weekend of meditation, friendship, rest and peace plus a good dose of dancing, fun & laughter. A great celebration.”

“The December Osho Festival is my favourite event at Osho Leela. Thank you to all who make it the lovely event that it is every year.”

“A really ‘must do’ event for anyone interested in Osho.”

“Very well-organised and high-spirited.”

“A deeply nourishing, replenishing experience yet again! With lovely people and fun workshops, I highly recommend it to anyone curious about Osho.”

“It was such a reviving experience – spiritually, physically and mentally. WOOHOO! Thank you.”

Practical Details

Date: 6 December 4pm to 9 December 3.30pm

Venue: Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE

Cost: £179 (3 day) or £139 (2 day) if booked by 29 November, 2018, else £10 more.

Prices are for dormitory accommodation – room upgrades are available on enquiry. Book now to ensure your upgrade.

For further information about the festival contact Prabuddho at prabuddho1@gmail.com or 07799 407900

To book your place contact Osho Leela at info@osholeela.co.uk or
Phone: 01747 821221   Website: osholeela.uk

Book Online

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Love from the OSHO Winter Festival Team

Osho Winter Festival Team
From the left: Mala, Sidika, Prabuddho, Tarisha & Smaran


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