OSHO “Love Yourself and Watch” meditation events

OSHO Meditation Retreat

OSHO meditation weekends in various venues in the UK run by Nitya and Islam

“A meditator needs no personal guidance. A meditator, on the contrary, needs only one thing: the atmosphere of meditation. He needs to be surrounded by other meditators. Because whatever goes on happening within us is not only within us, it affects people who are close by. In this communion people are at different stages of meditation. To meditate with these people, just to sit silently with these people, and you will be pulled more and more towards your own intrinsic potentiality.”
(Osho, The Invitation)

We love Osho’s active meditations. They work! And we also love the depth and communion that arises from meditating together with others.  We are running these weekends to give ourselves the opportunity to do OSHO meditations with others more often.

We draw on a lifetime of experience of active meditation in OSHO meditation camps, retreats and communities in many continents. And we’ve both been involved in running meditation camps and other events in the UK over a number of years.

We aim to run meditation retreats which are low cost, in simple but comfortable venues, pure OSHO, with the meditations introduced as much as possible in Osho’s own words. What you will not find is – dogma, doctrine, hierarchy, levels of achievement, membership, conversion, religion or judgement.

(Incidentally, OSHO refers to the principles and methods invented by Osho the person. Osho’s vision is to revolutionise the planet by meditation, but he never wanted anything remotely like a personality cult, let alone one involving the whole world. So it’s a useful distinction to make.)

Our plan is to run retreats that are easy for people to travel to. If you put your email and postcode on our mailing list, not only will you be kept up to date with events we run, but we’ll know better where to run them:       http://eepurl.com/chp8AP

OSHO is unique.

There have been many spiritual masters explaining the necessity of meditation and the ways to get there. But Osho’s approach is direct and modern, inclusive and open. There are many paths and each one has its own flavour. It is up to each of us to find our personal direction and our personal discipline. Osho has designed a multitude of different techniques incorporating different elements, so we can make a choice based on our very own experience. One size does not fit all; there is not one way … Also, OSHO makes celebration, dance, and laughter an important and essential part of the meditative experience – be sincere, but not serious.

About Our Retreats

There will be an intensive schedule of OSHO Active Meditation including Dynamic, Kundalini, Evening Celebration, Gourishankar and other experiments.

OSHO meditations are stand-alone experiences. They do not require any prior knowledge, or assume any subsequent further interest.

It is not necessary to attend all sessions that are on offer during the weekend, though it’s definitely suggested to participate in the Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Celebration, which are the most potent devices for inner transformation designed by Osho.

Check the Events Listing for upcoming Retreats.

Our next retreat will be on the weekend of 21-23 October, 2016 at the East Down Centre on Dartmoor, Devon. See here for details.

Further information, or to book:

Nitya: 07952 006919 nityanordhausen[at]gmail.com

Islam: 07528 302221 islam[at]livenowlovenowhealnow.co.uk

Please ring us with any questions.

Some more quotes:

“I have heard a small anecdote.

An old farmer was watching his young son, Luke, lighting the wick of the hurricane lamp prior to departing for the evening.

“What is the lantern for?” he asked.

Said his son casually, “I am off courting Dad, don’t worry, I’ll pay for the oil.”

“Dang me!” said the father, “When I was a courting, I never took me no lamp along, son.”

“That figures,” came the reply. “look what you got!”

“If you don’t take the lamp of awareness with you, you are going to create a hell around you. Light your lamp wherever you go – courting, not courting, that is not the point. Wherever you go, whatsoever you do, always do it in the inner light, with awareness.

And don’t be worried about moralities – about concepts, about what is good and what is bad. God follows your inner light like a shadow. You take care of the inner light. That’s what meditation is all about – to become more alert. Live the same life, just change your alertness – make it more intense. Eat the same food, walk the same path, live in the same house, be with the same woman and the children, but be totally different from your inside. Be alert! Walk the same path, but with awareness. If you become aware, suddenly the path is no more the same, because you are no more the same. If you are aware, the same food is no more the same, the same woman is not the same, because you are not the same. Everything changes with your inner change.”

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