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Love is the most healing force in the world; nothing goes deeper than love. It heals not only the body, not only the mind, but also the soul. If one can love then all one´s wounds disappear. Then one becomes whole – and to be whole is to be holy.

Osho, The Imprisoned Splendor, Talk #10

As a community, we are very blessed to have some of the very best therapists in our midst – many of them trained in the Healing Arts faculty at the OSHO International Meditation Resort.


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North London

Maneesha James - Meditation Coaching; Support in Sickness & Dying

Bounds Green

Thumbnail Image For the Listing Maneesha James - Meditation Coaching; Support in Sickness & Dying

‘My individual sessions provide an opportunity to discuss whatever issue there might be in your life right now. For example, related to meditation, work, relationships, any aspects regarding personal growth and existential questions. I’m especially passionate about issues relating to being in a health crisis – that is, all psychological and spiritual aspects of sickness and dying.

‘I am happy to conduct sessions via Skype, in particular for those who are facing death or supporting others in doing so. If you’d like to talk about how counselling or psychotherapy can help, please contact me.


Contact: Maneesha


South West


Madhuri's sessions

South Brent, Devon, TQ10 9BT

Thumbnail Image For the Listing Madhuri's sessions

In person I offer Human Design, also for couples; Invisibles Healing aka Angel Healing, Source Healing, Voice Dialogue, Secret Garden, Channeling, and Intuitive Tarot.

On Skype, Human Design, Channeling, and Intuitive Tarot.


Contact: Madhuri ZK Ewing
Phone: 07340 570871

Family Constellation Sessions with Sarasi Rogers

Holeland Farm, Dunsford, Exeter, Devon EX6 7DJ

Thumbnail Image For the Listing Family Constellation Sessions with Sarasi Rogers

ONE TO ONE CONSTELLATION SESSIONS – for individuals and couples
Sometimes our lives may be thrown upside down by events not of our choosing. These times of chaos can be turning points, offering unexpected insight and learnings, and have the potential for great breakthrough and change. If you are at such a point, the right kind of professional help can be a lifesaver.
One to one sessions with Sarasi in Devon offer a highly valued and much loved way to support change in core areas of your life.

INDIVIDUAL INTENSIVES – a process tailored just for you
These individual intensives with Sarasi are a series of sessions for blasting a long-standing problem or an issue that won’t go away. This unique process is tailored just for you.
A practitioner of body/feeling therapies for 27 years, Sarasi’s warmth, humour and skill, along with her expertise with a wide-range of techniques allows expression of feelings that may be too sensitive to bring to a workshop.

See also Family Constellation Retreats.


Contact: Sarasi Rogers
Phone: 01647 24075

Deep Coaching with Suta

Devon & Bristol

Thumbnail Image For the Listing Deep Coaching with Suta

When you sense that ‘there must be something more’ and you can’t seem to find your own inner compass then a series of deep coaching sessions can help restore clarity, lighten then load and help prepare the ground for the next step.

Suta draws on 20+ years experience in Tantra, meditative disciplines and healing modalities to bring a liberating clarity, delightful relaxation and a lightening quality to support the return to our essential nature.


Contact: Suta
Phone: 07446 052313


Included in this section are therapists who give distant/absent/remote healing.

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Therapists giving distant/absent/remote healing


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Online - Telephone - Skype

Talking-based therapy and coaching as well as some energy techniques can be successful conducted via telephone or Skype.

Other therapists may offer distant/absent/remote healing – these are listed in the International section.

The first listing lists therapists who also work face to face and have a listing in a geographical section.


Telephone or Skype

The following therapists have links elsewhere (click the name):

Maneesha James – Meditation Coaching; Support in Sickness & Dying

Madhuri ZK Ewing – Human Design, Channeling and Intuitive Tarot.