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The Speaking Tree Bookshop in Glastonbury stocks a good range of Osho books at reduced prices. You can also purchase books from their website – they offer retail and wholesale prices.

The Speaking Tree BookshopAddress:

The Speaking Tree
5 High Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 01458 835 974



N.B. The major part of the stock held by Greenwise (the previous Osho book distributor in the UK) has been purchased by The Speaking Tree.


The complete list of Osho books can be found here on and many can be purchased online from their shop or from

And of course, Osho books can often be found in your local book shop. How many people have found their way to Osho through stumbling across a book in their favourite book shop?!


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Osho audio books

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Osho Zen TarotOsho Transformation Tarot

The Osho Zen Tarot and the Osho Transformation Tarot can be purchased from


Independently Produced Products:

OSHO Bardo

Osho BardoOSHO Bardo can be used as a regular meditation to help us relax and to know more awareness and joy in our everyday lives. It is also a preparation for the crescendo of life and for the greatest experience of letting go that we will encounter – the letting go of life itself.

Approximately 45 minutes’ long, the meditation is set to music. A male and female voice (Sudheer and Maneesha from OSHO Sammasati) gently lead the listeners through a state of relaxed, inner alertness, into the light and joy within.

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Limited Edition CD £ 20:00 plus postage and packing (1000 copies only)

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Download mp3 version $20.00 + local sales tax

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