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Enlightenment means exactly that: when meditation has become natural. You are meditative — not that you sit sometimes in meditation, not that you have a few hours of meditation every day — your whole time is meditative You move in meditation, you walk in meditation, you sit in meditation, you eat in meditation, you love in meditation, you do your businesses in meditation. Your whole life becomes surrounded by a new kind of energy. It is not NECESSARY, it is simply natural.

(Osho  Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol. 3 Chapter 2)


Osho’s work continues in the hearts and actions of his people worldwide. Let’s celebrate the businesses of OSHO Sannyasins in the UK!

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Building & Maintenance

Tom Foster Architecture

Lands End to Bournemouth to Swindon to Gloucester to Cardiff – and beyond! Based in Devon

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33 years of creative work, 1-to-1 with my clients in Architecture – feels as fresh as ever. We collaborate to make EcoBuilding Easy, ‘Passive House’ also; in New, Old and Historic buildings, for Work or at Home; For developers, clients, builders, tradesmen, self-builders, fellow professionals.

I personally take care of all stages of the process from first ideas through to completion – so all our intentions get beautifully fulfilled.

It is wonderful and … challenging … working with Sannyasins as Architectural clients and self-builders! For example, Croydon Hall – phase 1 the original conversion – and phase 2 the Dining Room extension (pictured); and Osho Leela, a grand plan (shelved) for a huge straw-bale soundproof Budha Hall and internal reorganisation of the house; plus smaller schemes for individual Sannyasins.


Contact: Manohar (Tom Foster)
Email: info@space-and-light.co.uk
Phone: 01647 24436
Website: www.tomfosterarchitecture.co.uk/

Media, News & Publishing

Tree Tongue Publishing


Freelance Design, Copywriting and Content Management by Nishok.


Contact: Nishok
Email: nishok@treetongue.co.uk
Phone: 01395 277149
Website: www.treetongue.co.uk/


Wonderful places and adventures overseas for us to escape the UK climate.

Holidays & Adventure

Riding High Motorcycle Tours


Riding High Motorcycle Tours are about the freedom of being on a motorcycle, in the desert and in the highest mountain ranges of the world. The beauty and spaciousness of the deserts and the high Himalayan mountains make this an unforgettable experience!
Ash and Diego have been leading tours of small groups of friends since 2003 and intimately know the land and the peaceful local people. Riding on the classic Indian Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle, the tours are accompanied by a back up jeep and a mechanic. Pinon riders can also ride in the jeep, which brings luggage and spare parts for the motorcycles.


Contact: Ash
Email: ridingsohigh@yahoo.com

Website: www.ridinghightours.com

Wild Quest Swimming with Dolphins

The Bahamas

Amlas and Atmo and team offer swimming with dolphins, meditation and yoga in The Bimini Islands of the Bahamas.


Email: reservations@wildquest.com
Phone: 01392 221587
Website: www.wildquest.com/

Palms of Corfu

Arillas, Corfu

Self-catering studios and apartments near Arillas Beach.


Contact: Daya
Email: reservations@palmsofcorfu.com
Phone: UK : (44) (0) 2032 861 793
Website: www.palmsofcorfu.com/