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This page gives Guidelines and Submission Forms for the following:

  • Event Listing
  • Directory Listing
  • Blog Post


Guidelines: Please read carefully


Submit your event or other listing to our admin for addition to our website. Currently website listings are free of charge. Please allow a few days for your listing to show. If it does not appear or you have any queries, please Contact us.

IMPORTANT! Please add to your email Contacts to ensure you receive any replies we send relating to submissions you make using the forms below.

If your listing is suitable to be listed nationally, internationally or online as well as in a specific region, please tick any box which applies e.g. a North London-based therapist offering both face to face in London and Skype or phone sessions could tick North London and Online (Skype). A therapist offering distant healing could tick International as well as their region if they also see people face to face. Other than this, we list UK events only.

The intention is to celebrate all aspects of Osho-inspired activity in the UK so that’s why there are additional new directories. You may find you’d like to have a listing in more than one of the directories e.g. If you run events from various venues in your area and are also a therapist, you could have a listing in both the Facilitator/Organiser directory and the Therapist directory.

If you run a regular weekly or monthly meditation or other event, it’s best to list it in Places to Meditate (if you have a regular venue) or under Facilitators/Organisers if you’re more mobile! The Events Listing is more for occasional workshops and events.

As Osho is the rhyme and reason for this website, you are requested to indicate whether your workshop/event emphasizes Osho’s work e.g. by including daily Osho meditations and perhaps Osho Evening Meeting or other discourse excerpts. As some of you may transmit Osho’s fragrance in a less obvious way in your workshops and events you are still welcome to submit your listing and it will be shown in a different colour. This hopefully makes it clear to anyone interested in booking if they are particularly looking to taste or be supported by Osho’s teachings.

If you have any feedback or suggestions how to improve the listings process, please let us know via the Contact page.

Who can submit an event/listing

All events/listings should be facilitated/offered by at least one Osho Sannyasin. Please indicate on the submission form whether the event/listing has a significant emphasis on Osho’s work.

Definition of an Osho-emphasised event: includes Osho meditations; has Osho in the name of the organisation or workshop, or subtitle, and/or uses Osho audios/videos  and has Osho’s name appearing on own publicity. (Event shown with a pale orange background on our website.)

Definition of a non Osho-emphasised event: facilitated by an Osho Sannyasin who has done therapy or lots of meditation and is in love with Osho meditation methods; workshops to include an element of meditation. (Event shown with a pale green background on our website.)

For Osho-emphasised events, please include in your event description a sentence indicating to potential participants how you incorporate Osho in your event e.g. by including OSHO active meditations in the group/event structure, perhaps OSHO Evening Meetings and/or audio clips. For instance ‘This workshop includes OSHO Dynamic Meditation each morning and an additional OSHO active meditation later in the day.’


Please submit an image with your listing – it should be suitable for cropping as a square or circle. Use the Add File buttons at the end of the submission form to add your image as a jpg or png file. For most listings (other than Events/Workshops) a profile image (headshot) of yourself is likely to be most appropriate. Your image should be at least 100kB in size. (We will reduce large files to the appropriate size).

Please ensure that any image submitted is your own, one you have purchased or otherwise have the rights to.

Website Links

If you have your own website or have already listed your event on another website, please include the full link in your submission in the field: External website address. Please give the link to the specific page where your event is described rather than just the homepage.

Your own mailing list

If you have your own mailing list, you might like to add a link to the signup form in your listing description.

Related Blog Post

If you do not have your own website, you are welcome to create a blog post with complete information about your event/listing, including images and videos. Please Contact us for further details of how to upload the blog post yourself or request us to do it for you. We reserve the right to edit your blog post if required so that it is appropriate for the purpose of this website as stated on our homepage.

Browsers – Firefox issue

There is currently an issue with Firefox not allowing start and end dates for an Events listing to be input – this prevents the Events Listing from being submitted. So please use Google Chrome or another browser until we have resolved this issue or email us with all the information for your event at Directory Listings and Blog post submissions can still be made with Firefox.


Submission Forms

Click the appropriate link below:

Event Listing
Directory Listing
Blog Post


Event Listing

Send us your Event Listing

Your name

Your email

Workshop/event name

Facilitator name(s)

Start date - Format:mm/dd/yyyy

Start time

End date - Format:mm/dd/yyyy

End time

Venue address:


Osho emphasized in event or workshop*Osho not emphasized in event or workshop

*Please give details how in your event description - see Notes above.

Event description. 150 words max

Enter name & contact details of facilitator/ organiser

Booking contact name

Booking email

Booking telephone number(s)

Booking website address (specific page)

External webpage address for further details of event

Event type: Check 1 or 2 boxes only
Active MeditationSitting meditationTantraDeath & dyingBodyworkFestivalDanceMusicArtTherapyOther

Attach an image

Do you require a related blog post?
I do not need a related blog postI have submitted the blog post myselfI would like you to create the blog post


Directory Listing

Send us your listing for:

Place to meditate
OSHO Sannyasin Business

Please visit  the appropriate directory above for examples of listings before creating your own listing below.

Your name

Your email

Select Listing type Place to meditateFacilitator/OrganiserTherapistFestival/RetreatCreativesOSHO Sannyasin Business

Select Region(s) North LondonSouth LondonSouth EastSouth WestEast AngliaWest MidlandsEast MidlandsYorkshire & the HumberNorth WestNorth EastScotlandWalesIrelandNationalInternationalOnline



Listing Title: Enter name of organisation, venue, therapist, festival or business as appropriate

Postal address including postcode (reduced as necessary for privacy)

Osho is emphasized in this serviceOsho is not emphasized in this service

Enter description of service. Max 200 words, can include links. Or submit as a file attachment if lots of formatting and links.

Contact name

Contact email

Contact telephone

Website address

Attach an image

Do you require a related blog post?
I do not need a related blog postI have submitted the blog post myselfI would like you to create the blog post


Blog Post

You are welcome to create a blog post on our website – this may be particularly useful if you do not have your own website.

Current blog categories are:

Bodywork events
Death & dying events
Festival/Retreat events
Meditation events
Tantra events
Other events
Osho Centres/Venues
Osho Therapies
Workshop facilitator profiles
Therapist profiles
Creativity – Books/films/CDs etc

If you are familiar with WordPress, you may upload the blog text and image yourself, save it as a draft and contact our admin to approve and publish it and link it to the relevant Event/Workshop or other Directory listing. Contact us to ask for login details.

Alternatively, you can use the form below to submit your blog text and image(s) for us to upload.

Your name

Your email

Select related directory name Events ListingPlaces to MeditateFacilitators & OrganisersTherapistsFestivals & RetreatsCreativityOsho Sannyasin Businesses

Related Event/Workshop or Listing Title:

Blog post details:
Select 1 or 2 blog categories:Bodywork eventDeath & dying eventFestival/Retreat eventMediation eventTantra eventOther eventOsho Centres/VenuesOsho TherapiesWorkshop FacilitatorsTherapist profilesCreativityOther

Blog keywords

Blog title

Blog text with formatting and links

Main blog image

Any additional image

Any additional image

Additional instructions