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Something about me

I spent 26 years in Osho’s communes. I worked in Healing Arts as a Colour Light Therapist and in the School of Mysticism in the Mystic Ring, doing energy work and teaching Psychic Palmreading, Mouth of the Dragon training, and Dreamwork. I’ve travelled widely teaching and giving sessions and have developed an elegant and effective self-healing method, and a healing method facilitated by Loving Invisibles.

I am a published poet, with four books of poetry and memoir. I love to paint, dance, walk, and go spelunking in the inner world. I am currently homeless, knocking around England and the Continent, working on my three new books when I can.

I offer sessions on Skype and also in person. I’m currently in South Brent Devon though staying in Bristol for a few weeks.

Skype Sessions:

Human Design

On skype I do a lot of Human Design. This is a sort of rocket-science astrology channeled in the 80’s by a disaffected Canadian entrepreneur, the late Ra Uru Hu (as he was later called.) It employs the chakra system, the I Ching, and the human genome. It came into my life in the late 90’s at a time when I was taking a break from the wonderful systems I had already learnt…and I did not want another one. But the first session I received from an eager girlfriend had me walking out after two hours in a state of blissful relief…You mean, it’s okay if I just be me? I don’t have to be anything else?

The years since have been a continuation of that feeling. In Human Design, nothing is broken and nothing needs fixing; rather, we just need to let go of what we are not (all the conditioning) and rest in what we are (our true wiring.) I just go on discovering how much I love what I find myself really to be…and, strangely or not so strangely, this ends up fitting perfectly with the things Osho told me.

I enjoy very much doing composite charts for couples too – bringing a crisp awareness and some useful tools for communication, into the confusing morass of romantic love. Understanding how the other is truly different than us, can save us masses of energy…we no longer have to try to make the other into someone like ourselves, and can let them be. Ra said, “When I get to be myself, and you get to be yourself, that is love. All else is torture.”

These sessions last about one and three-quarter hours, and I do about an hour of prep time per person. It is good to record – most people use their phone. I send you the chart so you can see the configurations as we go along.


Intuitive Tarot

I also do Intuitive Tarot on Skype. I call it Intuitive Tarot because I do not use a book or decipher any information using intellect. I just wave my hand above the card and receive pictures, feelings, knowings, and sometimes words. The picture on the card – I use Zen Tarot, but it could just as well be a fallen leaf off the ground – finds its own way of being relevant, or not. For example, a particular detail in the picture could be beaming a message to my hand, whilst the words on the card and other details in the picture might be irrelevant.

On Skype, I will be choosing the cards for you from a fanned-out deck (upside down of course.) I enjoy all of this very much – the way the pictures and knowings just issue up from the card. And my gift is to describe very, very accurately what I am perceiving.



Channeling is another technique that works on Skype. I only discovered channeling after a health crisis forced me to abandon my Empathing technique, in 2003. Now I am very grateful for it. I lie down and go into relaxation…open the channel to the nearby Invisibles, and allow the questions to be asked one by one. By and by I am floating in a delicious space, feeling the funny, wise, always loving messages come through, letting my voice speak them. It is as if my throat is borrowed by Higher Self love….

These sessions last as long as the questions do! And it is good to record.


Voice Dialogue

I have done Voice Dialogue on Skype as well. See description below.



Sessions in Person

As well as the above-described sessions I do on Skype, in person I also do:


Angel Healing

This radically simple, gorgeously heavenly method I discovered works like this: the client lies down on her back with a scarf draped over her eyes. I approach slowly through her aura until I am sitting at her feet, holding them gently.

I then just go inside myself and ignore her.

After some time, there will be a sudden current of flow between her body and my hands.

At that point I ask the Invisibles if they would like to work with her. If I hear a Yes, I then describe her issues to them.

Then I ask, “What wants to happen here?”

And I get out of the way…for I know nothing. I just turn it all over to them.

And I describe aloud what happens.

What tends to ensue is something so beautiful, so astute, so magical, so adventurous, so delicate and subtle…that I feel privileged to be witness to it.

Some conclusion in the proceedings eventually occurs – this tends to take about 40 minutes, but timing varies – and again I am awed at how this naturally happens, and how a healing has occurred.

I am told that these sessions are very effective afterwards too.


Source Healing

Here I am guiding the person down into themselves to a depth…via a series of 10 questions, each question opening the door to the next, once the body/mind/emotions’ responses to the question are faced and allowed.

This session is about not avoiding. It is required to stay very very still while often-uncomfortable, even really horrible, sensations from the past are excavated and allowed. The secret is complete non-doing, non-choosing awareness. Throughout this, the client lies down with her hands on wherever it hurts, whether that pain is physical or emotional or spiritual.

In the end, the client emerges with much having released itself – often with sounds and body-shaking or spasms – and with a new light having shown itself. The issue, the pain that was presented in the beginning, has lifted off and its underpinnings too…and the client is in awe and in spaciousness, with a new key to take home…some key the healing has given her.

I have used this method since 2009, when I discovered it after a 2-week Cranio retreat. It has brought me through innumerable difficulties and given me the ability to go deep within myself whenever the longing arises. There is a sense of confidence now about this depth-going, where before I had felt I needed someone else to facilitate that inner connection.

I would like to teach people how to do this for themselves.


Voice Dialogue

Here I discern, from the client’s sharing, what inner voices/characters are involved in a certain issue, and invite them one by one to speak. There are particular questions I ask them that allow them to have their say. Each part of us just wants to be heard, not judged, not changed. We bring a completely impartial spaciousness to the proceedings, and miracles of unloading and integration occur. I prefer to do these sessions live, as the person is moving all over the room to inhabit the various voices, but in a pinch it can work on Skype.

This is a very dynamic, effective method, developed by a husband and wife team, Hal and Sid Stone. I love it for its empathic, compassionate usefulness – it can bust things open and resolve them with amazing reliability!

These sessions last around 1 1/2 hours.


Secret Garden 

I got this method out of a New Agey book, and love to use it when I am a bit ill or just want to give myself a treat. And it is fun to give it to a client, and enjoy how her unfolding Garden is different from anyone else’s.

The client lies down relaxed, and I guide her into approaching and entering her own secret Garden, and then meeting a wise person there, whom she can ask questions of. It is lovely to see what one’s Garden looks like…and the Wise Person too. Much can be understood in this session, and one emerges uplifted and delighted and soothed all at once.


Poetry Session 

This lasts about 15 minutes. I hold the person’s hands, have a look at her energy; a poem comes, I write it down on nice paper, read it to her, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, and give it to her.


Jewellery and Stones Session 

You bring out your whole collection. Piece by piece, you tell me where you got it, and I read the piece by itself and then in your hands. This becomes a reading for you too. We see which pieces suit you and which don’t and what the effect is of each. You can decide whether to give away, sell, keep; and I give instructions how to clean stones so that the energy is freed to be its natural glory instead of its conditioned cloudiness! This session is lots of fun.


There are more sessions…shorter techniques that sometimes are incorporated within a longer session; or trance journeys such as Past Life sessions. But people often complain that there are too many to choose from and it bewilders them, and since all these I have described are ones I currently am focused on, I will leave it at that.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please contact me:

Contact: Madhuri ZK Ewing
Phone: 07340 570871

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