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I have four published books, three currently in the making, and several more lying around waiting for my attention. I wish I had a house, a team, and a way to pay for these!

The published ones are:

Impassioned Cows by Moonlight, Love at Dancing Trees, More About the Moon and A Colourful Dessert of Flowers.

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My Books


I have four published books, three currently in the making, and several more lying around waiting for my attention. I wish I had a house, a team, and a way to pay for these!

The published ones are:

Impassioned Cows by Moonlight

1974, Hanging Loose Press, New York

Out of print. Poetry and short stories from my teenage years, when I was in California and Europe.


Love at Dancing TreesLove at Dancing Leaves: A Tantra Memoir 

508 pages. 2010, self-published through Amazon

From 2005 until 2012 I lived in Missouri, USA, with a silent, handsome, much younger man who had voted for George Bush twice…but he was so silent I did not know that for quite some time! I taught him Tantra meditations, designing these every week. The meditations were so beautiful that I would write them down next morning…and eventually a book was born.

It was very difficult for me to live in the American Midwest, because of the isolation from like-minded and -spirited people, and eventually I left…but that is another book. This one describes a loving but challenging idyll in this 2-acre oak grove where our house stood…relating done with as much grace and awareness as I could find in myself. Meditation transforms, and that relationship will remain as a big pot of radiance in my inner kitchen…and I think for him as well. He is now happily married to someone else, but the light remains like a rainbow over the sea.


More About the MoonMore About the Moon                                         

2014, self-published through Amazon

This is a collection of poems from my whole life, each of which happens to mention the moon. I became fascinated with the idea of the moon as a mirror, a constantly-changing image of whatever we saw in it. A pure white nothing. This book is my joyous celebration of that.


A Colourful Dessert of Flowers

2016, self-published through a private printer, 100 copies only

This is a strange book, even to the writer.

When I was going through menopause, in 2007, I would wake in the night full of alertness. I began to hear rhyming verses, and wrote them down in the dark. This went on for about 6 weeks, and eventually the material emerged as two long poems. The first is called Suppose There Is No Armageddon, and is a rebuttal to the human habit of predicting doomsday. (There are many Christian sects in the Midwest; and Christians are not the only ones who like to brood on end-times.)

The second is called My Personal Utopia, and is based on Osho’s vision in The Golden Future, where he talks about “millions of small communes spread all over the earth in thick forests, lush green forests, in mountains, on islands.” It tells us how to live well, and what to avoid…and it celebrates all sorts of things I particularly like, such as figs, raccoons, cats, bicycles, and shopping! Dynamic meditation is described in rhyme, and illustrated…the book has lots of line drawings in it.




I’ve written this since I was about 13, and was first published that same year, in my older brother’s underground newsletter! I was mentored for a while by Denise Levertov, who gave me much encouragement. I was published quite widely as a teen and gave many readings. And then at 21 I went to Bombay and met Osho…and felt the poetry and the much-more-than-could-have-dreamed-of scalding spirit wake-up, and that was that…so did not bother about publishing again until the last few years.

I have about 185 poetry vids on YouTube, under Madhuri Z K Ewing Poetry. Here are a couple of them:


The Best Thing that ever Happened to Me 


Gazing at the Goddess


Here is a poem:

Leaning Out a Window in Tuscany

And so one has the flu and stays in bed

And the blankets are hot and muffling

And one is patient and still

And gets up only to drink and pee,

Drink and pee.


And now it is some wee dark hour

And one crosses the little attic room

To the window, and unlatches it,

And opens it wide.

The blackness is great and encompassing

It reaches everywhere

And in it are decorations of stars:

The village of Chiusdino spangled on a hilltop

The Little Dipper and her friends

Clean and sparkling.

And over there, between a roof and floor of cloud

The bare and gibbous moon

With his scrubbed face and silent breath

Is poised huge as anything

Making night colder.


And one is leaning out the window

Over the light lichens crusted on the roof tiles

And the air is clean as cool water,

And one is so gently full of joy.



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Phone: 07340 570871

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