Festivals & Retreats

OSHO Festivals

These are a wonderful opportunity for Sannyasins and other friends old and new to gather together from all round the country for a few days of meditation, music, workshops, hanging out and delicious vegetarian food.

There are currently two annual OSHO Festivals in the UK – one in August and the other in December both held at Osho Leela in Dorset.

OSHO Festival UK – August


OSHO Festival UK 2017

The theme of this year’s Osho Festival UK on 25-28 August 2017 is: “The Beauty of Life”

Our biggest Osho Festival of the year is a beautiful opportunity to come together in the light of love.

We have Shakeela Fiona Burns coming to run a session ‘From Surviving to Thriving’, Bayari Beegan bringing her natural beauty products to share, Amura offering ‘The Beauty of Touch’, Tathagat running a ‘Created in Meditation’ art space, Jivan offering walks in nature leading to an evening of natural inspiration called ‘Opening the Eyes to Beauty’ with a slide show and live music. Milarepa and the One Sky Band will be here again to share live music for the ongoing programme of Osho Meditations in the marquee.  As always, the kids will play, the birds will sing and the land will love us Being here!

The Festival is a beautiful space to come together in our Buddhafield whether a Sannyasin of Osho or a Beloved friend.

There will be a kids club running each morning and afternoon for children over 3 and older children are welcome in all the creative spaces. See more…


OSHO Winter Festival – December

Osho Winter Festival 2016

***Dates for the 2017 Festival are 7-10 December tbc. Details to follow.***

The theme for the 2016 Festival on 8-11 December is Living from the Heart.

There is a full meditation programme including satsang with live music from our band Satvaa and Evening Meetings (live music followed by an Osho video discourse). Workshops ranging from Shiatsu to Singing, Tantra, Art, Biodanza, Inner Child, Self-Enquiry and Comedy are a popular feature as is the final talent show.

You can read the details of the 2015 Festival here and keep an eye on the schedule for the upcoming festival here.


OSHO Meditation Retreats

OSHO Atmosphere of Meditation

– OSHO meditation weekends in various venues in the UK run by Nitya and Islam

OSHO Meditation RetreatWe love Osho’s active meditations. They work! And we also love the depth and communion that arises from meditating together with others.  We are running these weekends to give ourselves the opportunity to do OSHO meditations with others more often. We draw on a lifetime of experience of attending OSHO meditation camps and retreats in many continents. And we’ve both been involved in running meditation camps and other events in the UK over a number of years.

We aim to run meditation retreats which are low cost, in simple but comfortable venues, pure OSHO, with the meditations introduced as much as possible in Osho’s own words.

On our retreats there will be an intensive schedule of OSHO Active Meditation including Dynamic, Kundalini, Evening Celebration, Gourishankar and other experiments.

See the Events Listing for our upcoming retreats.


Further information, or to book:

Nitya: 07952 006919 nityanordhausen[at]gmail.com

Islam: 07528 302221 islam[at]livenowlovenowhealnow.co.uk

Please ring us with any questions.

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