You become more divine as you become more creative. All the religions of the world have said: God is the Creator. I don’t know whether He is the Creator or not, but one thing I know: the more creative you become, the more godly you become. When your creativity comes to a climax, when your whole life becomes creative, you live in God. So He must be the Creator because people who have been creative have been closest to Him. Love what you do. Be meditative while you are doing it – whatsoever it is! irrelevant of the fact of what it is.

(Osho  A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Talk #4)

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3Books - Veena's Books


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Veena Schlegel’s three books – ‘A Vanished Road‘, ‘Glimpses of my Master‘ and ‘A Mountain in China‘ are available to buy as paperbacks or ebooks from her website or from Amazon.

These three books are about journeys – journeys along rough paths and dirt roads, across rivers, lakes, seas and endless deserts, through ancient valleys, and up and down far eastern mountains. They are also about the greatest, the ultimate, journey – the journey into the deepest core of one’s own being.


Contact: Veena


Rashid Maxwell's Books


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Rashid is a painter and poet, gardener, beekeeper, writer and carpenter.

His life of Ma Yoga Laxmi, Osho’s first disciple and first secretary, is due to be published early 2017.

Read his recent article – To save the world with a paintbrush.

Rashid’s novel ‘the point of vanishing‘ is available from amazon and you can click here to order a copy and click here to read an extract.

poetry books

Three books of Rashid’s poetry are available through – Not Knowing Guides our Feet, Life is one Blessed thing after another and everything is something else.


Contact: Rashid


Madhuri's Books & Poetry

Nomadic but currently based in Devon

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My books dive into the Personal to take us to the Universal. I am inhabited by lyrical downloadings from who-knows-where, and shamelessly transcribe them. My books are about love, about Osho, about spirit, and the mundane which is lit up somehow, just from being noticed and participated in. They are earthy, silly, reckless, delicate, soft, sad, and so joyful. I love to describe small things that stick out at me – conversations overheard, an attack of jealousy (during Commune times,) the moon seen from my bathroom window.

My memoirs have for me an urgency to be shared…things I have discovered, moments passed through, that want to be seen in daylight. A description of a meditation done with a man; or a meditation done alone, that broke through an impasse. And as with the poetry there is such celebration in descriptions of small daily beauties and earthy details.


Contact: Madhuri ZK Ewing
Phone: 07340 570871

Ashram, ashram – a novel by Devaraj

OSho Leela, Gillingham, Dorset

Thumbnail Image For the Listing Ashram, ashram – a novel by Devaraj

Drawing its inspiration from the therapy groups of the Osho era, Devaraj’s novel is a sex-comedy that follows the fortunes of various individuals on a 7 day Meditation and Therapy intensive in Wales, run by a fictional controversial sex guru, Swamiji.

Ed is a shy 35 year old guy who has come on the retreat because he is madly in love with Cindy, a very attractive 29 year old yoga teacher, with whom he had a chance meeting. He hasn’t really checked out what the retreat was about in advance. As the process the twenty or so participants are on deepens, so Ed finds himself increasingly out of his depth.

The last days of the retreat increasingly focus on sex, and personality clashes between participants become more extreme as they open up to each other. Wannabe alpha males fight over “trophy” females, whilst the women similarly jostle and manipulate each other to be with the more sensitive and open men. Feelings reach fever pitch as sexual tension boils over.


Contact: Devaraj
Phone: 07950 204557

The Road East to India – Diary of a Journey of a Lifetime - by Devika

South London, Scotland

Thumbnail Image For the Listing The Road East to India – Diary of a Journey of a Lifetime - by Devika

This is an original diary written by Devika in 1976, many years ago, when she first travelled overland to India from Amsterdam, travelling part of the way on the Magic Bus, as it was called at that time, and part of the way by local transport through many countries, including Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. She had many adventures on the way which are recorded in the diary. Finally she travelled all around the coast of India and decided finally to go to Pune to see Osho. She had only just by chance seen one of Osho’s books in Amsterdam and had not known any sannyasins before she set off on her journey. She imagined she would meet Osho in one afternoon in Pune and then leave on the train, the same day – but of course, she stayed longer and ended up taking sannyas. The diary ends when she returns to England to finish her studies in the autumn.
Most of the diary tells of Devika’s experiences on her journey which is a spiritual search. Only the last three chapters of the diary tell of her time in the Ashram in 1976.

The diary is published by Troubador Publishing and can be ordered directly from Troubador Publishing  or from any UK bookshop including Waterstones and W.H.Smith. It has received some very good reviews from professional reviewers who were sent the book by the publisher. It is also published as an Ebook.


Contact: Devika Rosamund


Arts & Crafts

Film & Photography

Pankaja Brooke Films

North London

Pankaja studied film for a year at the first London Film School, in Electric Avenue, Brixton in the late 1950’s. She wrote 4 novels and is now enjoying making movies again.
These include:

You’re the Enemy – Welcome Back!

American veterans of the war in Vietnam find resolution and healing by coming back to the place their country devastated, to help heal the legacy of the war.

Children of Ramana’s Garden

Ramana’s Garden is a home for destitute children in Rishikesh, North India, many of whom have survived horrific abuse. But in this loving environment they have the chance to fulfil their potential.

Master Wu Nanfang & Shaolin Wugulun Kung Fu

Master Wu Nanfang teaches Wugulun Kung Fu, more internal than the acrobatic Shaolin form, and talks about the relationship between Kung Fu and Zen.

Pankaja’s DVDs can be purchased here.


Contact: Pankaja


Premgit's Analogue Photography

Moorlight 6 Crapstone Terrace Crapstone Yelverton Devon PL20 7PD UK

Fine black and white, handprinted silver gelatin prints. Landscape and Portrait photography by Premgit.
My online galleries show photographs I have taken in locations around the world, from Dartmoor in South West England, through Morocco, India, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. There are many portraits of ethnic minorities as well as larger tribal groupings. These include the Akha and Hmong from Northern Laos, the Dai-Chin and Pa-O from Burma and the Lantien, Lisu and Padaung from Northern Thailand.

In recent years my love for India has taken me back many times and I have photographed the Bonda, Mahli, Paroja, Desai Kondh and Gadabaa tribes in Orissa; the Gondh and Baiga tribes of Madhya Pradesh; the Rabari from Gujarat and the Banjari from Rajasthan. Another project I have been working on for some years is photographing the Sadhus in India.

I have two books:

Trading Facesview and buy

INDIA – In Through the Outdoorview and buy


Contact: Premgit
Phone: 01822 854052